Ultra Dolphins – Mar

Ultra Dolphins Mar:

Some bands you can immediately guess their sound just from their name. This is not one of them. Sounding like These Arms Are Snakes if they just freaked out and started doing fuzzed out psyche rock. The vocals are distorted shouts that struggle to be heard over the blitstering, reverb drenched guitars. The rhythm section sneaks up and over takes some songs like a tsunami. There are even piano parts shoved into the mix. It’s somewhat sloppy, but it works for the sound. Though not something you may listen to everyday, it’s defiantly a good album.

Minus The Bear-Acoustics

Minus The Bear Acoustics:

Acoustic versions of previously released songs. For a band that relies heavily on effects pedals, making an acoustic EP seems like a dangerous idea. Normally guitar dominated, going acoustic gives more focus to the lyrics and piano playing than on the original tracks. Don’t despair though, the guitars get a lot of time to shine, and do so effectively, imaginatively reinvented for this EP. Fortunately the lyrics and piano playing are both as enjoyable as the reworked guitar parts, and the band reinvents their tunes successfully. Though I’d say the originals beat out the acoustic versions, this EP is an interesting and worthwhile listen. I wouldn’t advise new listeners to start with this disk though, since much of what makes this album interesting is comparing the new versions to the originals, and quite frankly this EP isn’t what Minus The Bear are about, this is just a rewarding detour.

Ride-Going Blank Again

Ride Going Blank Again:

A solid but unexceptional indie rock album decorated with adventurous heavily effected guitar playing and strong drumming. Like a more rock oriented version of My Bloody Valentine, but better than that sounds.

Rating:12/15 Why Andy Bell, why did you leave this good band and join Oasis? points

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