Cobalt – Gin

Cobalt Gin:

Wow a Black metal duo, never heard of that before. Actually these guys are really good. They play Black Metal but instead of just punching the guitar over and over while the drummer hits as many things as he can, they actually have musical skill. There are neat passages of atmosphere and just cool riffs. Cool riffs in Black Metal? Blasphemy. Plus Jabroe shows up, so that’s pretty sweet. Overall this is awesome Black Metal that shows what the genre could do if more artists went beyond corpse pain and moaning about frigid mountains.

Electric Wizard – Witchcult Today

Electric Wizard Witchcult Today:

A reinvigorated Electric Wizard create one of the best Black Sabbath records ever. The guitars are amazingly fuzzed out and the riffs are just awesome. The songs are still about Lovecraftian horrors and other such things, but come across more bad ass than lame. Rivals “Dopethrone” for sure.

Rating: 14/15 straight-edge album of the year 2008

Tardy Brothers – Bloodline

Tardy Brothers Bloodline:

So the singer and drummer from Obituary make an album. Obituary was boring, thus this also boring. It’s got some cool riffs, but those are run into the ground by the 5 minute mark. Also the vocals are grating after half a track.

Rating: 6/15 dudes with long greasy hair and sweat pants

Abe Vigoda-Reviver

Abe Vigoda Reviver:

Danceable post-punk with some cool guitar lines. The vocals are delivered well, but often have a weird bubbly sound added to them. The production leaves a little to be desired, but overall a good listen.

Rating: 12/15 Things with the words dance and punk in their description that don’t suck