Condo Fucks-Fuckbook

Condo Fucks Fuckbook:

Loud, obnoxious, and fuzzed out. The Condo Fucks have produced an album of garage rock covers, so intentionally sloppy it sounds like each member of the band is trying to play a different Kinks song at the same time. Undeniably a blast live, I can’t get through the album in one sitting. Theres no weak tracks, theres just not a whole lot variation going on here. Overall, it a pretty solid release, from a band which must kick ass live.

Tom Rush-What I Know

Tom Rush What I Know:

A healthy balance between up-tempo fun folk songs, and mournful country ballads.  Theres an abundance of covers here, but Rush writes songs as well as he interprets them. His guitar playing is reserved but tasteful as is his clear voice and his simple guitar playing. A pleasant record without any dud tracks, but theres nothing here that will blow your mind.

Rating: 11/15 creepy album covers

Bill Frisell-The Best of Bill Frisell, Vol. 1: Folk Songs

Bill Frisell The Best of Bill Frisell, Vol. 1: Folk Songs:

Beautiful renditions of tunes from all aspects of American folk musics. Frisell¬† and his backing musicians manage to recreate everything from country, to blues, to Appalachian music while adding some sly notes and modifications of there own. Frisell’s movement away from jazz and towards folk is an interesting and potentially bad choice, and on this disk its clear that it was well worth the risk.

Rating: 12/15 indignant jazz snobs

Cat Power-Jukebox

Cat Power Jukebox:

A perfect display of Chan Marshall’s uncanny ability to take any piece of music and make it boring.

Rating: 3/15 Interesting as a glass of warm milk points

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