Svarte Greiner-Kappe

Svarte Greiner Kappe:

Dark eerie ambient music, that could easily be integrated into a horror movie. Cool for what it is, but I can’t see myself wanting to put on this record too often, unless I’m reading H.P. Lovecraft or performing a human sacrifice.

Rating: 11/15 Halloween sound effects

Fantomas-Delirium Cordia

Fantomas Delirium Cordia:

Dark ambient music, filled with drills moans and other assorted vaguely medical sounds. Really good reading music which would also function as an excellent soundtrack. An interesting disk to listen to intently once in awhile.

Rating: 12/15 creepy sounds

Sin Fang Bous-Clangour

Sin Fang Bous Clangour:

Indie Pop cult rock. Creepy chanted vocals sing really bad lyrics over creepy sound effects and acoustic guitars.

Rating: 6/15 Animal Collective level creepiness points

Fen-The Malediction Fields

Fen The Malediction Fields:

Creepy Black Metal guy gets hands on synth, Halloween sounds cd, and sings like Morrissey.

Rating: 4/15 Prayers for the Apocalypse