Jandek-Manhattan Tuesday

Jandek Manhattan Tuesday:

Acoustic bass and drums mix with electric guitar, synthesizer, and Jandek’s unique droning voice to shape an intriguing listen. The music flows along with a jazzy- ambiance, remaining laid back and hypnotic while incorporating a healthy amount of dissonance. Jandek’s voice becomes the focus for extended intervals, the band quiets down, providing a low ambient hum to compliment his poetry. The tracks flow together, making one large piece that shouldn’t be broken up. This is an album you need to listen to beginning to end in order to fully appreciate. Amazing stuff.

Altenberg Trio Wein-Polish Piano Trios

Altenberg Trio Wein Polish Piano Trios:

Wonderful and haunting performances of two fairly obscure Polish composers. The music is largely dark and dissonant, but in a way thats more likely to catch your interest than turn you off. The musicians are astoundingly tight, and obviously know the pieces extremely well. Great and rewarding for fans of Modern Classical.

Rating: 14/15

Harry Partch-The Wayward

Harry Partch The Wayward:

Microtonal folk songs with lyrics Partch found various places while he was homeless, riding the rails during the Great Depression. Partch uses a 43 note scale, to craft strange folkish melodies horribly dissonant upon first listen, but beautiful once you become accustom to them. The lyrics portray hobo life during the depression, and being lifted from the script of actual hobo’s are extremely telling of the time period. Bizarre, but interesting listen, once you get accustomed to it.

Rating: 13/15 Home-made instruments

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