The Appleseed Cast-Sagarmatha

The Appleseed Cast Sagarmatha:

These guys are as poppy as you can get and still be considered post-rock. Theres tons of chiming guitars and loud quiet loud dynamics. They would be a pleasant enough, if unexceptional Explosions in The Sky rip-off if it weren’t for the vocals. The singers vocals and lyrics would be mediocre but bearable if they were clean. Unfortunately the vocals are layered with tons of crappy effects, and completely kill every track they appear on. These guys need to lose the vocal effects and update their musical style if they want to stay relevant for much longer.

Rating: 8/15 delay pedals

God is an Astronaut-All is Violent all is Bright

God is an Astronaut All is Violent All is Bright:

Melodic instrumental post-rock, which sounds ready-made for movie soundtracks. A good listen, with some twists and turns with musical dynamics and mood shifts. Better than Explosions in The Sky.

Rating: 12/15 Better than Explosions in The Sky points

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