Gorilla Zoe – Don’t Feed Da Animals

Gorilla Zoe Don’t Feed Da Animals:

I won’t lie, Gorilla Zoe sounds like some obscure racists epithet. But it’s actually Atlanta’s next rapper poised to break out into the mainstream. So what does he talk rap about? Drugs and hoes mostly. While most rap albums these days are like that, Zoe has the charisma to stand out. Zoe has also made one of the best rap song about mental illness since Ghetto Boys “Mind Playing Tricks on Me.” Gorilla does fall trap to using that Auto-Tuner bullshit that’s infecting rap, but he does so somewhat tastefully. He also has some blazing beats to back him up. Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, and even Diddy himself show up here. Over all one of the better rap albums to come out in 2009 so far.