Sights & Sounds – Self Titled EP

Sights & Sounds Self Titled EP:

The couple of dudes from Comeback Kid and a few other Canadian bands got together and made a side project that sounds like Jawbreaker. These guys will defiantly appeal to women with their light, melodic sound and nicely sung vocals. There are some good harmonies and great piano lines sprinkled through out the disk. While the sound is not super original, it’s done well enough to warrant a spin in the CD player. Expect your girlfriend with the snakebites to be jocking the hell out of these guys.

Mike Posner & The Brain Trust – A Matter of Time

Mike Posner & The Brain Trust A Matter of Time:

This really should be worse than it is. Most of these songs are like reading some lame dude’s blog about love. But there is great production and also the songs are catchy. So it’s not super bad, but you may feel embarrassed if you friends catch you listening to this even if you are a girl.

Rating: 9/15 Justin Timberlake clones

Rivers Cuomo-Alone II

Rivers Cuomo Alone II:

More self loathing songs about girls, from one of the craziest guys in pop music. Nothing here but power chords and pop hooks. Significantly more interesting than The Red Album.

Rating:11/15 creepy interviews