Big Business – Mind The Drift

Big Business Mind The Drift:

Big Business are back and rocking as ever. It seems that they learned a bit while being in the Melvins. Previous Big Business albums had been good, but became repetitive as they went on. Here the tracks all vary enough to keep the listener engaged. The drumming and riffing are top-notch as always. The vocal have improved, with them being able to create great vocal melodies. One of the best rock albums to be put out this year and also the strongest Big Business release yet.

Mind Flayer – Its Always 1999

Mind Flayer Its Always 1999:

A terribly recorded piece of boring crap. Don’t get me wrong, I advocate Load Records and I double advocate anything either of the Brian’s from Lightning Bolt are involved in, but as often is the case the album fails to live up to the live experience. Save your pennies and go see them live. I attended a concert of their’s where almost all of their electronics failed, but they managed to maintain a ridiculous energy level with little more than drums, vocals and distorted tape hiss. They’re two of the nicest most approachable guys you’ll ever meet, and they deserve your money more than you do.

Rating: 7/15 Bitchin’ homemade masks

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