Anaal Nathrakh – Hell Is Empty And All The Devils Are Here

Anaal Nathrakh Hell Is Empty And All The Devils Are Here

When a album has such a good title, it usually does not deliver. This is a rare case where the music fits the title to a T. It sounds exactly like hell on earth. The songs are angry and noisy almost to the point of just collapsing into a gigantic mess. But there is song structure here, enough to move songs along. Songs tend veer between thrashy Black metal and Industrial ala GodFlesh’s Streetsweeper. While the album does a great job of being evil, it also sounds repetitive. Most tracks blend into each other causing the album to drone on. The other glaring flaw is the clean singing voice. It sounds like some Power Metal album was turned on in the background accidentally when they were recording. Needless to say, it distracts from the whole vibe. Luckily it doesn’t show up that much. Defiantly a good album thats marred by a few problems.

A Dark Orbit – The Voyager EP

A Dark Orbit The Voyager EP :

“Yawn, another dark wave band that should have stopped in the 90s.” I f that was your first thought when reading the name of the band and album, well I can’t blame you. But all is not what is it seems, rather this a metalcore band in the vein of Coalesce. The band plays well and the singer does a good job of matching the music. There is nothing earth shattering here, but it’s different enough so that I can tell this band from the thousand other metalcore bands out there. Though the last track does see the band effectively using drum machines and keyboards to create a sound that Curlupanddie flirted with briefly. This a good introduction to a band that maybe something big in the future.

Amesoeurs – Self Titled

Amesoeurs Self Titled:

Neige from Alcest got together with friends and made created this band. It was an attempt to fuse Black metal with shoe-gaze/post-punk, which seems like a bad idea on paper. Well, the actual results are more hit than miss. What really works on this album is when the music is very atmospheric black metal with female vocals over it. What doesn’t work is when the album goes into post-punk music with black metal screeches over it. Because it’s an ambitious album it’s an uneven affair. Yet the good parts are very good and even the bad parts aren’t that bad. So if you’re looking for something interesting from Black Metal, or any heavy music, and don’t mind not understanding a word (it’s all in French of course) then this is worth your time.

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