Infected Womb: 2012 trax

First off, Mike Haner of Infected Womb is an awesome dude who is an extremely positive force in heavy music. He not only makes great music, but is extremely supportive of others. His releases have been consistently top notch and more people should be waiting with baited breath for his next release. Infected Womb’s previous effort ( is an excellent work of Grindcore. It has your standard super fast drums and growling but done exceptionally well. It has unexpected twists and turns that don’t feel hacky or abrupt, but instead flow naturally with the song.

2012 trax improves on Dirt in all areas. The sound quality is better. The mixing is better. The heavier parts are even heavier and the vocals are more aggressive and forthright. The edition of well played bass lines and improved song writing helps push these tunes in a new direction. Infected Womb was exemplary Grindcore. 2012 trax shows Infected womb starting to carve out a signature sound that borrows from many varieties of heavy music, but cannot be easily pigeonholed.