The Flashbulb: Opus At The End Of Everything

Benn Jordan has figured it out. This album represents the best balance of Jordan’s considerable skill set that he has released to date. Less blatantly jazzy than Love As A Dark hallway, Opus has subtle jazz flavoring throughout mixed impeccably with Jordan’s beats and keyboard work. Jordan’s guitar work and effects-laden vocals punctuate tracks as often as they provide fitting atmospherics. Opus is easily my favorite release by Jordan so far and I can only hope he tops this one with his next release.

Grant Green-Street of Dreams

Grant Green Street of Dreams:

A mellow session from four jazz greats. A little snooze inducing at times, best for background music or to have on while relaxing.

Rating: 12/15 smooth trade offs

Derek Bailey-Pieces For Guitar

Derek Bailey Pieces For Guitar:

A series of solo free jazz guitar solos. Though atonal, and often quite harsh, theres a variety of moods and textures explored on this album. Bailey sometimes sounds like Monk at his most vicious and sometimes like a contemplative Anton Webern. He experiments readily with feedback and live panning and utilizes them not as bells and whistles, but as meaningful compositional elements. Interesting for anybody who wants to here experimental music with more of a point than just breaking down pre-established rules.

Rating: 12/15 meaningful skronks

Sonny Sharrock-Ask The Ages

Sonny Sharrock Ask The Ages:

Strong solos from one of the noisiest and most intense jazz guitarists to ever live, covers up his fairly bland overly repetitive compositions with said inspired soloing.

Rating: 11/15 loop de loops