The Kickdrums – Just A Game

The Kickdrums Just A Game (2009)

These guys have pulled of what RJD2 could not. They have gone from awesome producers to awesome indie singers. Where as RJD2 dropped any sounds of his previous efforts, The Kickdrums have incorporated their previous sound and melded it perfectly with their singing. This change isn’t a surprise since they have always made beats that were more melancholy than menacing. The songs here would fit in perfectly on any hipster’s iPod or even on the radio. It’s all catchy and the singing fits the music perfectly. A wonderful album to listen to with the significant other on a lazy Sunday.

Why Adbusters sucks.

A few months ago Adbusters published an entire issue dedicated to taking the piss out of hipsters. Their argument boils down to this. The primary concern of a hipster is to be perceived as cool, and that overrides greater moral obligations to society. First off, just because someone comes from a rich background, wears stupid clothing and reads Pitchfork media, does not mean that they aren’t moral people who try to help society. In fact, that describes most of Adbusters target audience. As far as I can tell Adbusters markets to young anarchist types, who have enough money to spend on special activist gear. Thats right folks, Adbusters sells special activist shoes for $75 dollars.

Fight capitalism by buying things that other people who purchase Adbusters will compliment you for wearing. Better yet, buy the TV Killer key-chain attachments so you can turn the game off and yell at your dad about the possibilities of a Libertarian- Socialist future or Heidegger. Or buy the t-shirt with The American flag on it where the stars on the flag are replaced by big business logos. That way the everyday ignorant American will be woken up to the fact that big business runs his life, I’m sure that a life time spent immersed in American culture won’t have clued him in by now.

The point of a magazine like Adbusters isn’t to help, its provide a place for douche-bags with money to be snide, and stroke each other. Basically the writers of this magazine are the worst kind of hipster imaginable. I hate to break to all you revolutionaries out there, but the revolution ain’t happening, and if your anarcho-socialist bullshit actually came to power, it would be just as oppressive as our current system. If you want to help don’t spend money on the anarchist activists pack sold by rich white kids that dumpster dive magazine. Sit down and figure out a way to compromise with capitalists and christians, to create a society that works the best for everyone. In other words be decent and civil, and willing to compromise, because you’re not going to win people over by being an asshole.

Obits – I Blame You

Obits I Blame You:

Your hipster friends are raving about this album, aren’t they? It’s a piece of indie rock that goes for a retro feel. You can dance to it and makes a suitable soundtrack to that next roof or loft party you go to. Yet Obits does nothing new. This sound has been done many a time and this release doesn’t do anything to improve on it. So like your hipster friends it’s more imitative instead of innovative, but it’s still worth a listen.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s Blitz!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs It’s Blitz!:

Awesome! Vapid dance rock with atrocious lyrics. Finally something for me to bone lame pseudo-hipster chicks to!

Rating: 2/15 ridiculous costumes.

Pale Young Gentlemen-Black Forest

Pale Young Gentlemen Black Forest:

Folky Indie rock that tries too hard to be quirky. Lyrics leave a lot to be desired.

Rating: 10/15 Hipsters trying too hard to be hipsters

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