Merzbow 1930:

Its really easy to lose yourself in this album. The frequencies, layered static and found sounds, seem balanced in such a way as to lure you in. The sounds shift frequently enough to hold your active minds interest, while boring into your subconscious.  Eventually all your brain is focusing on is the noise, which is a really amazing place to be in for an hour or so.

Rating: 13/15 effective compositional uses of static

Steve Reich-Daniel Variations

Steve Reich Daniel Variations:

A beautiful piece that transcends the term minimalism. Though the drones and repetition, of minimalism are present Reich toys with them adding subtle changes that eventually evolve into completely different patterns. Reich utilizes a fascinating harmonic language particularly during the first track. He uses dissonant chords to at times create tension, and at others to present beauty. One of Reich’s true strengths is his ability to weave seamless transitions that don’t feel forced or unnatural, and there are plenty of occurrences like that to be found on this album.  I can’t say enough about how rewarding of a listen this album truly is.

Rating: 15/15 tragic events spawning beautiful music

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