John Fahey-The Yellow Princess

John Fahey The Yellow Princess:

An album of finger-picked acoustic guitar where Fahey explores not only traditional folk and blues picking styles, but also integrates Indian rags and themes and ideas taken from modern classical music. Pleasant enough to put on as background music and complex enough to study and ponder.

Rating: 13/15 Irish Setters

Jesus Lizard-Goat

Jesus Lizard Goat:

A solid rock album which borrows from post-punk. David Yow and crew manage to write innovative riffs while not giving up any attitude. One of the most tasteful trios in rock music, the backing band never overplays usually sticking to fairly simple riffs, allowing Yow space to do his trademark meth-addict style of vocals. Despite the delivery Yow’s lyrics tend toward the intelligent and funny. A solid fucking band.

Rating: 15/15 Nineties bands which are better than Pearl Jam

Isis – Oceanic

Isis Oceanic:

One of the best albums about the sea ever. Isis wrote the book on conceptual, artistic sludge and ever since people have been ripping off this album. But what most copycats fail to do is make their records as engaging as this one. What really sets this album apart is the use of female vocals. Rather than shoehorn it in, they slyly mix these into the back of the mix, making them heard but not the center of attention. It’s a nice juxtaposition to the harsh yells. Perfect for a day at the beach when you’re tripping.

Rating: 15/15 Primordial Sea Beasts