Saros – Acrid Plains

Saros Acrid Plains:

Somewhat interesting metal that combines thrash, black, and doom metal into an enjoyable sound. The lyrics can be lame, but the music is good enough to make you not care. This album sometimes get self-indulgent, but these moments are usually followed by something neat thus they are forgiven

Rating: 11/15 dudes with long hair singing about winter even though they are from San Fransisco

All The Saints- Fire on Corridor X

All The Saints Fire on Corridor X:

Art punk reminiscent of Mission of Burma. Interesting song structure, good lyrics, and top notch musicianship particularly from the drummer have made me spin this one a lot in the past week. These guys have real potential.

Rating: 13/15 collared shirts at a punk show

Fucked Up – The Chemistry of Common Life

Fucked Up The Chemistry of Common Life:

Fucked Up rule. They are smart, loud, fast and exactly what punk rock should be like. With that said, this cd was a chore to listen to. I know the songs are good (interesting lyrics, neat hooks) but after one or two I found my mind wandering and itching to hit the forward button. An amazing band to see live, a boring one to listen to.

Rating: 11/15 confused reviewers.

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