Rick Ross – Deeper Than Rap

Rick Ross Deeper Than Rap:

Rick Ross is the rap cliché of going on about money, drugs, and bitches. He is the embodiment of what your parents think rap is. Yet Ross does this shtick well. His rhymes are passable and has some enjoyable wordplay. Plus he has charisma which keeps the fourteen tracks from becoming boring. Also helping are the numerous quest stars like T-Pain, Kayne West, Lil Wayne (not shocking since this blog could probably get Wayne to write a few reviews if we offered him some crushed up Vicodin.), and Nas. Ross was smart and bought some of the best beats he could, which help hide his weaknesses as an MC. Not a classic for the genre, but an enjoyable listen.

Kevin Rudolf – In The City

Kevin Rudolf In The City:

This album is what I expect hip-hop like music made by a guy named Kevin Rudolf to sound like. In other words, this be bland yet not offensive. There are some good, guitar heavy beats on this album, but even the gnarliest guitar line can’t hide Dr. Rudolph’s weak rhymes. The man has no charisma and sounds the same on every track. The sole high points of this cd are when guests show up. So that makes for 9 boring, bland tracks and 3 one sort of worth downloading.

Rating: 6/15 loaves of Wonder Bread

Drake – So Far Gone

Drake So Far Gone:

First, dude is an actor on Degrassi High and wants to be an R&B star. With that said, this isn’t a bad mixtape just generic. Some pretty sweat beats are found on this, but everything else is your run of the mill R&B. Most of the songs are about sex and women sung in the usual R&B way. Even Lil Wayne showing up four times can’t make this any more than a ho-hum affair.

Rating: 7/15 Canadian Teen Dramas