Miles Davis-Agharta

Miles Davis Agharta:

2 cd’s worth top jazz players ripping through funk and rock riffs. The tasteful solos and steady rhythms make this album dance-able unlike most Fusion albums. The lead guitarist on this album exclusively played on this album and its sister album, hes an incredible jazzed up Hendrix style guitar player. Worth it on so many levels.

Rating: 15/15 wah trumpet solos

Nine Inch Nails-All That Could Have Been

Nine Inch Nails All That Could Have Been:

Great live disk. All the tracks from The Downward Spiral and The Fragile are at least as good as the album tracks. The tracks from Pretty Hate Machine, go far beyond the originals. The production couldn’t be better, and Trent and his ensemble are in top form. Say what you want about their studio releases, but Nine Inch Nails bring an energy to the stage like few others.

Rating: 14/15 Innovative financial decisions

Echo and The Bunnymen- Live in Liverpool

Echo and The Bunnymen Live in Liverpool: If you’re getting interested in Echo and The Bunnymen pick up this disc first. All the songs included here beat out the studio versions, and the song selection is better than any of their hits packages. McCullough’s voice has gotten a little rough through the years, but his delivery makes up for any shortcoming s.

Rating: 14/15 Dark shades and smoke machines