Merzbow-Dolphin Sonar

Merzbow Dolphin Sonar:

Noises emulating and sampled from dolphins concocted into a brutal mass of noise which pummels you into complacency, and leaves you emotionally drained. Pretty cool stuff, not recommended for frequent listens.

Rating: 12/15 terrifying dolphins


Merzbow 1930:

Its really easy to lose yourself in this album. The frequencies, layered static and found sounds, seem balanced in such a way as to lure you in. The sounds shift frequently enough to hold your active minds interest, while boring into your subconscious.  Eventually all your brain is focusing on is the noise, which is a really amazing place to be in for an hour or so.

Rating: 13/15 effective compositional uses of static

The Dead Boys-Young Loud and Snotty

The Dead Boys Young Loud and Snotty:

If you like you rock and roll loud anthemic, and filled with sex and drugs, than this is the album for you. Musically focused on catchy attitude laden riffs. Vocalist Stiv Bators snarls and yells his anthems of debauchery with an abandon that most singers can’t muster. I just wish most punk was as good as this album

Rating: 14/15 rates of diminishing returns

Wayne Kramer-The Hard Stuff+

Wayne Kramer The Hard Stuff+:

A clever mix of fuzzed out punk and soul. The lyrics cover a wide range of topics, from Kramer’s personal life, to a mournful farewell to Charles Bukowski. The music is simple enough to be catchy, but intricate enough to hold your interest. As always Kramer’s guitar soloing is loud and passionate, complimenting his songs wonderfully whenever he decides to let loose. Can’t find a fault in this one.

Rating: 15/15 MC5’s

Mystery Girls-Incontinopia

Mystery Girls Incontinopia:

Garage-rock with a strong blues influence. The singer likes to holler about sex and drugs. Its obvious these guys love what they’re doing, I’m sure live all of these songs hold up. On the album, the non-stop Blues barrage gets a bit tedious, but there aren’t too many weak tracks.

Rating:11/15 Drunkin’ yellins

Extortion – Terminal Cancer EP

Extortion Terminal Cancer EP:

Your usual Power Violence album. That means it’s loud, fast, angry, and poorly recorded. Gets old quickly, but still fun to listen to once in a while.

Rating: 9/15 better song titles than actual songs

Mclusky-The Difference Between Me & You Is That I’m Not on Fire

Mclusky The Difference Between Me & You Is That I’m Not on Fire:

Loud and obnoxious music with a smart ass squawker for a singer. Done in the same spirit as Flipper, this is a really fun album, particularly tracks where they take the piss out of other indie bands.

Rating: 12/15 Smart ass jerks you can’t help but like