Times New Viking – Rip it Off!

Times New Viking Rip it Off!:

Loud slop rock. Fun, but I couldn’t make it through the whole album in one sitting. Sounds like Guided by Voices played out of a broken stereo.

Rating: 11/15 Albums marred by Lo-fi aesthetics

Fucked Up – The Chemistry of Common Life

Fucked Up The Chemistry of Common Life:

Fucked Up rule. They are smart, loud, fast and exactly what punk rock should be like. With that said, this cd was a chore to listen to. I know the songs are good (interesting lyrics, neat hooks) but after one or two I found my mind wandering and itching to hit the forward button. An amazing band to see live, a boring one to listen to.

Rating: 11/15 confused reviewers.

Black Ships – Omens

Black Ships Omens:

“Omens” is the sound of an active quarry: Loud, explosive, and crushing. The guitars are suitable distorted, while the bass is down tuned to the point of sounding almost out of tune. The vocals roar out, incomprehensible but you know he’s shouting about angry things like being late for the bus. The drums anchor down the sound keeping simple rhythms that pound like war drums. The whole affair sounds like it was recorded with the Pro-Tools Wall O’ Sludge plugin. Black Ships avoid the one pitfall of many similar bands in this genre, that all songs sound the same. Rather the songs are similar in sound, but different enough to keep the listener engaged.

Rating: 13/15 Oil spills that are on fire.