Telefon Tel Aviv-Immolate Yourself

Telefon Tel Aviv Immolate Yourself:

Emotive electronic music. This albums three key features are drum machines, synthesizers, and vocals. The beat choice is interesting and the drum sounds work well for the tracks they’re found in. The synthesizer lines are simple but effective. Though many songs have a couple different synthesizer tracks, they never drown each other out. Each track helps set the mood of the particular song. In short, musically this disk is great mood setting techno music. The vocals, when used as an instrument drifting in and out of the synthesizer tracks, enhance the listening experience and provide more of a human element in a wall of machine generated sounds. When the vocals are clear and at the forefront of the track, they detract from the mood, because frankly when they’re not buried in effects they’re not that good, nor are the lyrics. Overall this is a solid release from a good band, even on the tracks with the cheesy vocals, the music makes up for it.

RIP Charlie Cooper

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