Greg Malcolm-Leather and Lacy

Greg Malcom Leather and Lacy:

Jazz hating multiple guitar playing New Zealand free improv musician does an album worth of soprano saxophonist Steve Lacy’s compositions. Malcolm plays the melodies quite beautifully on a conventionally played guitar on his lap. For the backing parts Lacey sets up guitars hanging by him and at his feet. He slaps or kicks the guitars, which are often fuzzed out, to create drones and percussive noises. Malcolm’s extra guitars lend each track a certain ambiance, making it sound almost as if they were recorded in various locations each with a different background noise. Malcolm is a tasteful player and each track has an arid sparseness to it that suits the compositions well. An interesting and fairly mellow disk.

Rating: 13/15 kicked guitars

Keith Rowe / Keith Rowe & Taku Unami-Keith Rowe and Taku Unami / Keith Rowe

Keith Rowe / Keith Rowe & Taku Unami Keith Rowe and Taku Unami / Keith Rowe:

Beeps blurps and scrapes. A very interesting very minimalist release. A cool listen, but only when you’re in the mood for it.

13/15: weird things to play a guitar with

Grant Green-Street of Dreams

Grant Green Street of Dreams:

A mellow session from four jazz greats. A little snooze inducing at times, best for background music or to have on while relaxing.

Rating: 12/15 smooth trade offs

Enrico Rava-New York Days

Enrico Rava New York Days:

Down tempo atmospheric jazz. Enough dissonance, is used to keep your interest, but this record never gets too far out their. Great musicianship overall, but particular attention has to be payed to Rava ,who steals the show with his cool smooth trumpet playing.

Rating: 12/15 chill tracks

David Saw- Broken Down Figure

David Saw Broken Down Figure:

Confessional acoustic indie pop. Saw writes strong thoughtful lyrics and interesting hooks. Worth picking up.

Rating: 13/15 Myspace stalkers

M. Ward-Hold Time

M. Ward Hold Time:

Amazing guitar playing and guest vocals, on this largely acoustic indie release. Wards vocals and lyrics fit the mellow vibe of the album, but aren’t my favorite. A strong release from a great artist.

Rating: 12/15 Slide solos


Mountains Choral:

An ambient album you can actually listen to instead of just having it on as background music. Theres some really interesting guitar and melodica playing, to be found here.

Rating: 12/15 Cues from Eno

Windsurf – Coastlines

Windsurf Coastlines:

Windsurf answers the question, “What would Tangerine Dream sound like if they were all surfers?” Good for mellowing out.

Rating: 11/15 Hemp Necklaces

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