Fantomas-Delirium Cordia

Fantomas Delirium Cordia:

Dark ambient music, filled with drills moans and other assorted vaguely medical sounds. Really good reading music which would also function as an excellent soundtrack. An interesting disk to listen to intently once in awhile.

Rating: 12/15 creepy sounds

John Zorn-Hemophiliac

John Zorn Hemophiliac:

An improvised set with Zorn on sax Mike Patton on vocals and Ikue Mori on lap-top. Proves that all three can make really beautiful music, but prefer to make lots of shitty noise.

Rating: 9/15 piercing squeals


Zu Carboniferous:

Sax-tastic noise rock which focuses more on song structure than improvisation. A good listen overall, but certain repetitive parts that work during their lives shows, plod on album.

Rating: 11/15 Distorted skronks

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