The Moore Brothers-Aptos

The Moore Brothers Aptos:

Two dudes who played with Joanna Newsom making folky indie-pop. The music is pleasant and filled with tinkling acoustic instruments and sincere tender lyrics. Gets a little boring, but each track is decent in and of itself. Not bad, but they could pick up the tempo sometimes.

Rating: 11/15 Sidewinders

Pete Dello-Into Your Ears

Pete Dello Into Your Ears:

Psychedelic folk music. Sounds like Syd Barrett but sane. Dello’s lyrics are pleasant as is his mild croon. The arrangements, are solid, and sometimes go to unexpected places. Overall a good listen, but nothing groundbreaking.

Rating: 11/15 Honeybuses

Fiction Family – Fiction Family

Fiction Family Fiction Family:

Pleasant acoustic pop, not exceptional, but significantly better than Jack Johnson.

Rating: 11/15 Banana fuck-cakes