Clem Snide-Hungry Bird

Clem Snide Hungry Bird:

Not bad, they sound like a toned down Radiohead. The lyrics are strong, as are the vocals. The only issues here is that they could have easily cut a couple minutes of plodding riffs and poorly placed falsetto oohings out of many tracks. Either that or they have to do something different in those extra two minutes.

Rating:11/15 superfluous riffs

Andrew Bird-Noble Beast

Andrew Bird Noble Beast:

Indie Pop, similar to Bends era Radiohead with a better ear for catchy pop and a dash of country twang. Strong all around, but Bird’s lyrics can drift toward self parody.

Rating: 12/15 Violin loops

Here We Go Magic-Selftitled

Here We Go Magic Selftitled:

Sounds like a happier Radiohead less bent on innovation. Simple, but not boring music-wise, the real focus here is the vocal delivery. The vocals are largely falsetto and layered well, sounding similar to Thom York or the singer form Sigur Ros. Interesting disc, worth picking up.

Rating 11/15: Crappy band names

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