Svarte Greiner-Kappe

Svarte Greiner Kappe:

Dark eerie ambient music, that could easily be integrated into a horror movie. Cool for what it is, but I can’t see myself wanting to put on this record too often, unless I’m reading H.P. Lovecraft or performing a human sacrifice.

Rating: 11/15 Halloween sound effects

Death-Live in L.A.: Death and Raw

Death Live in L.A.: Death and Raw:

A killer set from the true architects of death metal. Other than the recording quality theres nothing here that isn’t exactly what I want from death metal. Vicious screaming, intricate but catchy riffs, fast solos, a strong multi-faceted rhythm section, and great lyrics. One of the best live metal albums I’ve ever come across.

Rating: 15/15 forgotten classics

Ocean-Pantheon of The Lesser

Ocean Pantheon of The Lesser:

If you like long stretches of big scary chords followed by a long quiet build up followed by even bigger scarier chords than this ones for you. If not then avoid at all costs. These guys epitomize what a lot of drone metal bands are going for.

Rating: 12/15 sunn amps