Verbal and The Kickdrums – Idiot Savant

Verbal and The Kickdrums Idiot Savant:

Hey did you like Atmosphere when he wasn’t lame(Lucy Ford EP and God Loves Ugly)? Yeah? Then you’ll dig on this album. Verbal is like Atmosphere topically, but is more charismatic and has less grating voice. His rhymes, while not mind-bending, are clever and equal parts bragging and blunt honesty. But Verbal alone doesn’t carry the album, rather The Kickdrums do their jobs extremely well, giving Verbal some great beats to flow over. I suspect that if the beats weren’t as interesting, this album would have a high burn out factor. But everyone brings their A games and we end up with an unusually awesome mixtape that proves that the Kickdrums are one of the better production teams in the game and Verbal is an MC to watch in the future.

Rating: 13/15 alcoholic, burnt out rappers

Dalek-Gutter Tactics

Dalek Gutter Tactics:

I’ve always like the idea of Dalek more than what they’ve actually produced. This album lives up to their potential. Theres a variety of beats, but they all incorporate ambient drones. The drones combined with well produced drum tracks and some sick flow, create an albums worth of solid tracks guaranteed to suck you in.

Rating 14/15: Hip Hop tracks about 2012

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