Jesu Conqueror:

An interesting mix of heavy metal and shoe-gaze, with a greater emphasis on the shoe-gaze. Long melancholic songs with layered vocals and plodding riffs, which occasionally get distorted and involve growling are the norm for this disk. A good album to sit back and listen to, though it stays with certain riffs too long and other riffs not long enough.

Rating: 12/15 Napalm Fleshes

Hawkwind-Electric Teepee

Hawkwind Electric Teepee:

As with most aging progressive rock acts the lure of corny synthesizer sounds and laughable vocoder drenched vocals seems inescapable. Fortunately the couple upbeat rock numbers, are actually quite good, and most of the forays into ambient textures are pretty decent to. Though theres quite a few moments that sound like rejected themes for Dr. Who. I have to hand it to these guys for trying something new, and actually putting together an album thats pretty listenable.

Rating:10/15 Lemmy Kilmisters

M. Templeton and aA. Munson-Acre Loss

M. Templeton and aA. Munson Acre Loss:

Drifty guitars and banjos submerged in electronic noise. Cool to space to, plus the dynamics are interesting. For fans of Fennesz and Tim Hecker. Munson’s accompanying film fits the music perfectly relying on nature footage and milk being poored in coffee etc… All in all a really cool collaboration.

Rating:14/15 fitting images

Odawas-The Blue Depths

Odawas The Blue Depths:

Solid mournful indie pop with a tinge of folk. The singers heavily reverbed voice does well whether set again acoustic guitars, pianos, bodhrans, or synthesizers. Its a strong release, but every tracks has almost the same drifty but epic feel, which can wear a little thin at times.

Rating: 12/15 spaced out keyboards


Wilderness (k)no(w)here:

Slow spacey minimalist post punk. Sounds like an Owls record slower down a few RPMs. The resulting effect of the, at times painfully, slow music, is simultaneous trance and tension. Deep resonant vocals crawl across this sea of molasses, adding a human element to the churning. Good to lay back and listen to.

Rating: 12/15 Bottles of cough syrup


Slowdive Souvlaki:

Atmospheric post-punk. A solid album all around, the highlights being the interplay between the two vocalists and the awesome synth work in some songs. Great album to space out to.

Rating: 14/15 Trippy albums about space stations

Brian Eno-Apollo

Brian Eno Apollo:

Strong ambient album. Eno’s brother Robert contributes a bit adding some movement to Eno’s solid, but fairly uneventful drones.

Rating: 12/15 Moon craters