Negative Approach-Tied Down

Negative Approach Tied Down:

One of the most vicious acts to emerge from 80’s hardcore. John Brannon’s nihilistic lyrics and hoarse yell mesh perfectly with the bands simple yet inventive approach to three chord punk. Unfortunately these guys haven’t been canonized to the extent that Black Flag, Minor Threat and The Dead Kennedys have. Negative Approaches material matches or exceeds the contributions of any of those more well known groups, pick this one up and find that out for yourself.

Rating: 15/15 one man slam dances


Sholi Sholi:

Somewhere between Indie Rock and Post Punk, Sholi are capable of transitioning from beautiful melodic music to dissonant clanging and back again smoothly. The beauty of this album is that Sholi don’t stick with musical themes long enough to make them boring, nor do they transition too quickly or jarringly The lyrics and singing, are top notch. Theres some really inventive music going on here.

Rating: 14/15 Spend your money on this band points


Arcwelder Everest:

A poppier version of Shellac with better vocal work. Scott MacDonald lays down sick beats while doing much of the vocal work simultaneously. After a long break Arcwelder has been sporadically playing shows recently, catch them if you can.

Rating: 13/15 Aluminum neck guitars