A reaction to Adult Nights by Wild Light

Another album of conventionally orchestrated, super slick, songs about girls and parties, with a couple of songs about death or something sad thrown in for good measure. Its hard to tell exactly what some of these tunes, are about because the lyrics, while successfully rhymed, are vague enough that some of them might be mistaken as poetic or meaningful.  Its not that this album is a terrible listen or that Wild Light is doomed to financial oblivion. If anything these guys write music which is balanced , catchy and mediocre in every way, thus giving them a pretty good shot at airplay.

Fortunately for major labels, and unfortunately for nerds like myself, hundreds if not thousands of bands are out there harping on the same formula. Its a formula that permeates all genres of popular music. Though somewhat complex, the formula boils down to be mediocre, and you will become at least mildly popular. Learn how to play your instrument, pick up a cute turn of  phrase or two, pick a genre and stick to it, don’t suck, don’t be challenging in any way unless its your first album and you plan on dropping anything confrontational from your sound after it gains you some notoriety, and most of all dress the part. Also, make sure to make ridiculous faces and exaggerated bodily movements while performing live.

This emphasis of craft over substance, insures we get a slew of potential Rolling Stones and U2’s while insuring that bands doing something original will have to work that much harder to gain notoriety in the long run, and money in the short run. Theres a lot of passionate and challenging artists out there that are expressing valuable ideas about the human condition, who deserve your money, more so than The Black Lips. I’m not saying that there isn’t room for brainless pop music, I own and listen to a lot of it, but challenging music deserves at least as much of your attention and cash. Most importantly your cash.