Matthew Ship-Harmonic Disorder

Matthew Ship Harmonic Disorder:

Monkish piano interplays beautifully with a very talented rhythm section. The faster Bop workouts are strong, but are still Bop workouts. The true strength of this album resides in the slower spacious tunes where the harmonic interplay and push and pull between the trio members creates a unique tension.

Rating: 12/15 should of stuck to the cool stuff

Moondog-Sax Pax for a Sax

Moondog Sax Pax for a Sax:

Sax heavy jazz influenced danceable tunes, which adhere to an incredibly strict set of harmonic rules. Moondog’s compositions at once sound unique, but also lack variation due to his very set beliefs in the proper way to compose. The harmonies, progressions, and time signatures all become predictable. That being said the music is beautiful an unlike many albums by so-called “serious” composers, the music is fun. It sounds like a mix between french music and 1920’s jazz, but with some harmonies not commonly heard in either genre.

Rating: 12/15 Viking Helmets


Silkworm Firewater:

Confessional rock about relationships and drinking. The instrumentation is unique. Sometimes one will only hear vocals bass and the occasional snare shot for two minutes, which will then be followed by a guitar solo twice as loud as the other instruments. Most of the songs toy with typical rock and roll dynamics in an effective fashion, making the more conventional songs, like Wet Firecracker, stand out. All the songs are strong, but at sixteen tracks I can’t listen to the whole album at once. Worth the money.

Rating: 14/15 Fake Italians

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