Olaf Rupp-Whiteout

Olaf Rupp Whiteout:

An album of freely improvised guitar solos. Rupp uses lots of distortion and delay combined with some unusual picking techniques to pull all kinds of strange sounds out of his guitar. Technically Rupp can’t be faulted, he is as fast and precise as they come, and is willing to explore new techniques. Rupp stumbles upon some cool sounds during these excursions, but it often feels like hes meandering. Though I recognize that these are supposed to be freely improvised non-thematic pieces , but the lack of structure,takes away from what could have been a significantly better album. Rupp’s experimental excursions would work best in the context of a structured piece, or his excursions should be juxtaposed with more conventional guitar playing.

Greg Malcolm-Leather and Lacy

Greg Malcom Leather and Lacy:

Jazz hating multiple guitar playing New Zealand free improv musician does an album worth of soprano saxophonist Steve Lacy’s compositions. Malcolm plays the melodies quite beautifully on a conventionally played guitar on his lap. For the backing parts Lacey sets up guitars hanging by him and at his feet. He slaps or kicks the guitars, which are often fuzzed out, to create drones and percussive noises. Malcolm’s extra guitars lend each track a certain ambiance, making it sound almost as if they were recorded in various locations each with a different background noise. Malcolm is a tasteful player and each track has an arid sparseness to it that suits the compositions well. An interesting and fairly mellow disk.

Rating: 13/15 kicked guitars