Brethren of the Free Spirit-The Wolf Also Shall Dwell with the Lamb

Brethren of the Free Spirit The Wolf Also Shall Dwell with the Lamb:

A 12 string acoustic player and a medieval lute player come together and create a beautiful harmonic climate. Theres a lot of influences at play here one can hear the echoes of everyone from John Fahey to J.S. Bach.  Dissonance is incorporated beautifully and never in a way which is unpleasant. The pieces tend to be fairly repetitive, but in a way thats mesmerizing. Subtle changes and fills compliment the tracks well, making them more active while not taking away from their hypnotic nature. A really interesting release for fans of acoustic instrumentals.

Rating: 14/15 lutes making a come back

Bibio-Vignetting the Compost

Bibio writes spare acoustic country songs, with touching reflective lyrics. Though his lyrics and guitar playing are good they would not be exceptional without Bibio’s arrangements. Each track contains rhythm guitar vocals and then several tracks of highly processed guitar tracks. Sometimes it sounds like hes working with flutes, sometimes strings, sometimes synthesizers, but in reality its all guitar. A cool release.

Rating: 13/15 cool guitar effects

John Fahey-The Yellow Princess

John Fahey The Yellow Princess:

An album of finger-picked acoustic guitar where Fahey explores not only traditional folk and blues picking styles, but also integrates Indian rags and themes and ideas taken from modern classical music. Pleasant enough to put on as background music and complex enough to study and ponder.

Rating: 13/15 Irish Setters

David Saw- Broken Down Figure

David Saw Broken Down Figure:

Confessional acoustic indie pop. Saw writes strong thoughtful lyrics and interesting hooks. Worth picking up.

Rating: 13/15 Myspace stalkers

Carrigan – Young Men Never Die

Carrigan Young Men Never Die:

An interesting mix of guitars, drums, and electronic drones. It sounds like a less experimental Animal Collective, but that’s not the worst thing in the world.

Rating: 10/15 pleasant surprises

M. Ward-Hold Time

M. Ward Hold Time:

Amazing guitar playing and guest vocals, on this largely acoustic indie release. Wards vocals and lyrics fit the mellow vibe of the album, but aren’t my favorite. A strong release from a great artist.

Rating: 12/15 Slide solos

Cotton Jones-Paranoid Coccoon

Cotton Jones Paranoid Coccoon:

Fairly standard acoustic indie with a mournful southern twang. The music could use a little variation, but the lyrics are strong.

Rating: 10/15 Flannel Jackets