Brian Eno-Another Day on Earth

Brian Eno Another Day on Earth:

Eno’s voice has aged well, but his new age lyrics, pale in comparison to his 70’s works. Musically pleasant, but in the end fairly boring.

Rating: 8/15 stick to ambient points

Green River Ordinance-Out of My Hands

Green River Ordinance Out of My Hands:

The offspring of Matchbox 20 and Three Doors down. Not a terrible listen, but absolutely nothing interesting or unique happens on this album.

Rating: 8/15 stylish outfits

Gentelman Reg-Little Buildings

Gentleman Reg Little Buildings:

A solid pop album with fairly complex clean-tone guitar arrangements. Reg’s voice takes a little getting used to, but fits the songs perfectly once you’re used to it. Every element of the disk from the lyrics to the drumming manages to be unique and inventive, without sacrificing its catchiness. A really enjoyable album.

Rating: 13/15 Canadians

Rivers Cuomo-Alone II

Rivers Cuomo Alone II:

More self loathing songs about girls, from one of the craziest guys in pop music. Nothing here but power chords and pop hooks. Significantly more interesting than The Red Album.

Rating:11/15 creepy interviews

Of Montreal-Jon Brion Remixes

Of Montreal Jon Brion Remixes:

Cutesy dance-pop gets cutesier with the help of ukuleles and bubbly keyboards. Basically exactly what you’d expect from this collaboration. Its fun for a couple of minutes, then you realize the entire EP is the same borderline-twee lyrics plucking keyboards and goofy hipster vocals.

Rating: 9/15 overcute

Radiohead-In Rainbows

Radiohead In Rainbows:

Musically, a good balance between pop hooks and electronic hiccups and bleeps. Lyrically one of Yorke’s best efforts. Not the most important or challenging release in Radiohead’s catalog, but easily the most listenable.

Rating: 14/15 Keeping your band relevant points

Ruby Isle-Night Shot

Ruby Isle Night Shot:

A classically trained composer and a scientist do a lame imitation of Cars style pop.

Rating: 5/15 Day jobs