The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza – You Won’t, new track from Danza IIII

It’s like Danza III never ended! Which is a good thing.

Pig Destroyer – Book Burner

So, MetalSucks is going ballistic over the impending Pig Destroyer album Book Burner, out October 22. And that’s fine. That’s awesome even. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say the commenters are fucking brain damaged idiots for thinking it’s clever to go “OLOL you’re biased bc you love Pig Destroyer!” But as much as I’m willing to go along with this, because, let’s face it, Phantom Limb is one of the best metal albums ever, I’m not super life-changingly excited about what we’ve heard of Book Burner so far.

First there is the teaser:

It’s stripped down. It’s good. It just isn’t Phantom Limb good. Here’s a full track, Burning Palm.

Ok, Burning Palm is great. But it doesn’t quite roar, and it isn’t until the close of the track that it becomes the catchy as shit stuff I’m used to. We’ll see.


Wadge-Grindcore Lu’au

Freaky, cute, hilarious and purely awesome. This bizarre collision of grind and various beach oriented musics works so well, because of the tight song writing and proficient execution. Yes its goofy, but it is not half-assed like so many parodies. The surf riffs are catchy and the grind sections pulverize. Wadge transitions between and merges both styles beautifully. This album is a great object lesson for anyone wanting to make good funny music.

Death-Cult Jock-West End Blast

Oh hell yes. Badass Grindcore with thick Doom Metal riffing. Serious tunes with great lyrics like Last Saturday Night and Numb fit perfectly with the hilarious Uni-Wankers Fuck off and Death-Cult Jock Fuck off!! The whole album is full of exceptionally good Grindcore, however Numb and Last Saturday Night are my two favorite tunes, because the deviate from the formula. Last Saturday Night features a ripping guitar solo over a Scum-era Napalm Death Bassline, while Numb contains extended instrumental sections broken up by blasts of pure grind. Virus/Plagues has some interesting bass work and a mid-tempo section near the end that totally slays. Overall this is a great Grindcore album with hints of something even better to come.

Nohari-Fuck Your Scene

Raw and visceral yet tasteful. I am floored that only three dudes contributed to this album. The sheer amount of original guitar parts and the surplus of different vocal timbres sounds like a four-piece with guest vocals. For the most part Nohari follows the, “nothing can last for more than five seconds,” attitude of grindcore, but the twists and turns yield better results than most. Mike Haner’s guitar work is skillful but catchy, Bradley Cook’s drumming is equally skillful and entirely moshable. Cook also recorded the album. It is obvious this album was recorded with minimal equipment and funding, however Cook manages to get an excellent sound. The vocals and especially the low end of cook’s kit sound especially strong. Nohari is six awesome songs long. I want more.

Buried at Birth-Pestilent Hallucinations

Kick Ass grindcore with awesome dualing vocals. While Badass guitar riffs abound Buried at Birth’s true marker is their rhythm section. Donovan Kelley is an excellent finger-style bassist who is actually audible in the mix and Ryan Fassler mixes up the blasts with excellent tom and cymbal work. Go to and download Pestilent Hallucinations it fucking rips. Also, remember to read the lyrics they skirt the boundary of brutal and poetic in the best way.

Cloud Rat-S/T LP

May the blastbeats never stop, except of course for the crushing mid-tempo sections. Cloud Rat is one of my favorite grind-core acts and this LP will show you why. Cloud Rat mix it up, I hear inklings of Napalm Death, Converge and Agoraphobic Nosebleed in their sound along with Doom and Noise influences. In a genre filled with vicious vocalists Madison is one of the best. Her range of yells and shrieks perfectly compliment the awesome drumming and guitar work. If you like extreme metal this is a band for you.

Antigama – Warning

Antigama Warning:

Grindcore that tries to be avant-garde. That means songs have random blasts beats thrown in and nothing sounds cohesive. There are some neat moments, but over all it just sounds like a repetitive mess.

Rating: 6/15 missing the point of avant-garde totally

Pig Destroyer – Phantom Limb

Pig Destroyer Phantom Limb:

Vicious is the best way to describe this album. JR Hayes’ vocals have never sounded angrier, snarling through the tracks like enraged animal. Scott Hull shows off his skills in full. He easily switches from shredding riffs to something equally heavy, but catchy. This is all bolster by the new drummer who’s ability to not only keep up with Hull, but also add some grove is impressive. An artistic high point for this band.

Rating: 14/15 songs that should be the plots of movies

Crime Desire – We Hate All Life

Crime Desire We Hate All Life:

The best thing about this album is how short it is. Basically it’s the Locust minus anything interesting, so you get spazzy shouts and crazy guitar playing but somehow it all becomes one long, annoying song. Sweet job dudes!

Rating: 3/15 lack of musical talents disguised as creativity

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