Modern Life Is War – Midnight In America

Modern Life Is War Midnight In America:

It’s sad to see a great band break-up, but it’s nice when the final note is amazing. One of those hardcore albums that you could get away with almost not calling hardcore.   Intelligent, interesting lyrics are backed by awesome riffs and great rhythm.  Hopefully the next wave of hardcore will look at this as an example of what to do.

Rating: 13/15 intelligent windmills in the pit

Make Do and Mend – Bodies of Water EP

Make Do and Mend Bodies of Water EP:

Really good melodic Hardcore. Intelligent lyrics are backed by decent musicianship crating an enjoyable EP. Can’t wait to hear more from this band, they seemed poised to pick up the crown of most interesting hardcore band that Modern Life Is War dropped when they broke up.

Rating: 13/15 actually interesting things to say

Blood for Blood- Livin’ in Exile

Blood for Blood Livin’ in Exile:

If you’re drunk and angry, you really can’t do better than this album. Its fast, its angry, its drunk but also intelligent and insightful. This is a no bullshit record.

Rating 13/15 Brawling drunks