Whirr-Black Island

Very active ambient that almost, but not quite, morphs into noise. I often put on ambient music to either let my thoughts wander or to push away outside stimulus in order to focus on a particular topic. When listening to Whirr you think about what Whirr wants you to think about. When listening to the masterpiece of micro-editing that is Black Island, Whirr directs you around the island. The ability to tie disparate soundscapes together into what is essentially an ambient novel makes this album genius. Very highly recommended.


Celador-Pcfl nd Wrthfl ns

Ambient Metal for beach goers. Despite the distorted guitar tones, this album is reflective and peaceful. The ridiculously fuzzy guitar and sparse drumming rarely veer into standard metal themes of depression, loneliness and anger. The tom (or is it a snare with the snare turned off?) sounds on this album are fantastic. The guitar is always muddled and lo-fi, but in a way that is utterly fantastic and mesmerizing. Though it sounds like there is a fair amount of multi-tracking going on, Celador is never sounds too busy or overwhelming, not relying on LOUD quiet LOUD dynamics or the pinnacle building song structures of Explosions in The Sky Celador have created a sound that is uniquely them. Subtlety defined.


Talk is Poison-Rage to Infinity

In a genre as overcrowded as Hardcore Punk one has to wade through a sea of average bands in order to find one truly great band. Talk is Poison is one of those true Punk bands that has developed a distinctive sound. These are adults that have honed their sound over years of playing together. Everything is in perfect synchronicity, the vocals, guitars, bass and drums all play exactly what they need to. The song structures are well thought out. The lyrics consist of genuine pleas for peace and vicious condemnations of a society that thrives on war. Talk is Poison define what it is to be Punk.

La Raia-La sorciere vit !

French Art Punk. Sounds like a mash-up of Shellac, The Slits and X-Ray Spex. Screeching and rants perforate Herky-Jerk rhythms while tasteful guitar licks support the occasional baritone sax solo. These songs are true musical compositions, always building on what came before, but never lingering in any tempo or riff for too long. The beautifully clear recording quality highlights just how amazing the members of La Raia gel together. Every note on this album needs to be exactly where it it is, even the beat-boxing in percee. If you like experimental music of any sort La Raia is worth checking out.


Children Of Technology-It’s Time to Face the Doomsday

If you like Motorhead, but want them to be a doomsday obsessed crust band, you will lose your shit over Children Of Technology. Fronted by DEATHLÖRD ASTWÜLF COT look and sound like post-apocalyptic a biker gang. ASTWULF sounds like a mad preacher warning of nuclear war and the impending fuel crisis, though I don’t get the impression that would stop COT from rocking. SPLATTERHEAD and THERMO-NUCLEAR-THRASHARD craft song after song of pure rock fury while GODDESS OF HAMMERING CHAOS beats the shit out of her drums. There is nothing about this album that isn’t 100% Rock & Roll. I can only imagine the pits at a COT concert.


Death-Cult Jock-West End Blast

Oh hell yes. Badass Grindcore with thick Doom Metal riffing. Serious tunes with great lyrics like Last Saturday Night and Numb fit perfectly with the hilarious Uni-Wankers Fuck off and Death-Cult Jock Fuck off!! The whole album is full of exceptionally good Grindcore, however Numb and Last Saturday Night are my two favorite tunes, because the deviate from the formula. Last Saturday Night features a ripping guitar solo over a Scum-era Napalm Death Bassline, while Numb contains extended instrumental sections broken up by blasts of pure grind. Virus/Plagues has some interesting bass work and a mid-tempo section near the end that totally slays. Overall this is a great Grindcore album with hints of something even better to come.

Deafheaven-Roads to Judah

Hands down, my favorite Black Metal album to date. Deafheaven highlight all the strong points of the genre, a flowing yet logical song structure and the ability to invoke an emotive atmosphere which ties the album together. There are no goat heads impaled on sticks or band members burning churches and eating each other. George Clarke’s vocals owe as much to Grindcore as they do Black Metal, theres an element of honesty and masculinity that is absent from most Black Metal vocalists. Clarke is singing from the heart, he is not being theatrical or trying to fit into genre conventions. Nick Bassett and Kerry McCoy have impressive chops and an ear for complex melodies and chord progressions. They do a fantastic job of layering multiple guitars during the slower interludes. While the rhythm section of Trevor Deschryver and Derek Prine can blast with the best of them, then segway into Godspeed style Post-rock sections without flinching. This is an excellent album from an excellent band.