Hanetration: 10th Oar

I love love love this glitchy ambient album. Found sounds stretched into ambient pieces make Scott a happy reviewer. I love this album so much I had to remix it.



Merzbow-Dolphin Sonar

Merzbow Dolphin Sonar:

Noises emulating and sampled from dolphins concocted into a brutal mass of noise which pummels you into complacency, and leaves you emotionally drained. Pretty cool stuff, not recommended for frequent listens.

Rating: 12/15 terrifying dolphins


Merzbow 1930:

Its really easy to lose yourself in this album. The frequencies, layered static and found sounds, seem balanced in such a way as to lure you in. The sounds shift frequently enough to hold your active minds interest, while boring into your subconscious.  Eventually all your brain is focusing on is the noise, which is a really amazing place to be in for an hour or so.

Rating: 13/15 effective compositional uses of static

Drunkdriver – Born Pregnant

Drunkdriver Born Pregnant:

I’m going to call this No Wavecore. It sounds like this band just started playing in someone’s basement and tape-recorder just happened to be on. The guitars, bass, and drums just swirl into this wall of static while a drunk lunatic rants over the chaos. Perfect for lovemaking.

Rating: 12/15 bleeding ears

Thank God – For Pregnant Virgins E.P.

Thank God For Pregnant Virgins E.P.:

This is just messy, sloppy, spastic hardcore that doesn’t care about the scene. It just charges forward with abandonment screeching and snarling at you, then suddenly stopping and softly chanting before descending into hideous feedback. Kind of like my mom.

Rating: 11/15 seizures on stage

Caroliner-Our American Heritage Volume 1

Caroliner Our American Heritage Volume 1:

Some weird people in day-glo costumes haphazardly bashing their instruments while another weirdo rants about the eighteen hundreds. Some people equate the general unpleasantness of an album with the quality and artistic relevance of an album, these people are morons. If you are one of those morons buy this album.

Rating: 4/15 Old timey bucket wranglin’ jangles

Mind Flayer – Its Always 1999

Mind Flayer Its Always 1999:

A terribly recorded piece of boring crap. Don’t get me wrong, I advocate Load Records and I double advocate anything either of the Brian’s from Lightning Bolt are involved in, but as often is the case the album fails to live up to the live experience. Save your pennies and go see them live. I attended a concert of their’s where almost all of their electronics failed, but they managed to maintain a ridiculous energy level with little more than drums, vocals and distorted tape hiss. They’re two of the nicest most approachable guys you’ll ever meet, and they deserve your money more than you do.

Rating: 7/15 Bitchin’ homemade masks