Saros – Acrid Plains

Saros Acrid Plains:

Somewhat interesting metal that combines thrash, black, and doom metal into an enjoyable sound. The lyrics can be lame, but the music is good enough to make you not care. This album sometimes get self-indulgent, but these moments are usually followed by something neat thus they are forgiven

Rating: 11/15 dudes with long hair singing about winter even though they are from San Fransisco

Neurosis – Given To The Rising

Neurosis Given To The Rising:

After a bit of a nap, Neurosis come back re-energized. Thanks to some help from Steve Albini this disk is one of the most focused Neurosis albums in a while. While it’s not super heavy on experimentation, it makes up for that by being interesting and solid. Defiantly worth a listen and hopefully the next album continues in the same vein.

Rating: 13/15 pseudo-religious songs about Armageddon


Shrag Shrag:

Decent indie rock album with a hint of X-Ray Specs. Good vocal delivery and lyrics, over simple, but catchy mildly distorted riffs. Topically the album tends to focus on being a scenester. Not bad for a first release.

Rating: 10/15 45’s

N.A.S.A. – The Spirit of Apollo

N.A.S.A. The Spirit of Apollo:

Two DJs sample obscure South American records then reach into a hat and pull names out to form the guest stars. All the songs are solid and there some amazing pairings on here. Tom Waits and Kool Keith? Hell yeah! Dudes even dug out Fat Lip from whatever basement he was hiding out and shove him on a track with Karen O. It works. If you like rap in anyway, then go pick this up.

Rating: 14/15 one time that I really wanted a Lil Wayne guest spot.

Southeast Engine- From The Forest to The Sea

Southeast Engine From The Forest to The Sea:

A musically solid and lyrically exceptional alt-country record. Some of the slower songs can drag a little, but all the up-tempo numbers are intense and rocking.

Rating: 13/15 Appalachian trains

Thurston Moore- Trees Outside The Academy

Thurston Moore Trees Outside The Academy:

More interesting and adventurous than recent Sonic Youth releases. Lots of strings and a few bad ass guitar solos provided by J Mascis. A solid Indie Rock album.

Rating: 13/15 Sonic dads

Jesus Lizard-Goat

Jesus Lizard Goat:

A solid rock album which borrows from post-punk. David Yow and crew manage to write innovative riffs while not giving up any attitude. One of the most tasteful trios in rock music, the backing band never overplays usually sticking to fairly simple riffs, allowing Yow space to do his trademark meth-addict style of vocals. Despite the delivery Yow’s lyrics tend toward the intelligent and funny. A solid fucking band.

Rating: 15/15 Nineties bands which are better than Pearl Jam