Children Of Technology-It’s Time to Face the Doomsday

If you like Motorhead, but want them to be a doomsday obsessed crust band, you will lose your shit over Children Of Technology. Fronted by DEATHLÖRD ASTWÜLF COT look and sound like post-apocalyptic a biker gang. ASTWULF sounds like a mad preacher warning of nuclear war and the impending fuel crisis, though I don’t get the impression that would stop COT from rocking. SPLATTERHEAD and THERMO-NUCLEAR-THRASHARD craft song after song of pure rock fury while GODDESS OF HAMMERING CHAOS beats the shit out of her drums. There is nothing about this album that isn’t 100% Rock & Roll. I can only imagine the pits at a COT concert.!/COTofficial

John Fred and His Playboy Band-With Glasses

John Fred and His Playboy Band With Glasses:

An underrated R&B group. Fred has a great voice and his music, while not innovative is exceptional. Cool horn arrangements and top notch backing vocals come in at just the right moment, a good time for all.

Rating: 12/15 doo wahs


Motorhead Motorizer:

Same old bad ass riffs better production better lyrics. With any luck Lemmy will live forever.

Rating: 13/15 Quotable interviews