Gun Club-Fire of Love

Gun Club Fire of Love:

One of the first albums to mix country and blues with punk. Slide guitars, solid rhythms, and Jeffrey Lee Pierces keening wail pierce through the crappy production to makeĀ  a classic album.

Rating: 13/15 References to alcohol and heroin

All Else Failed – Good Enough For The Girls We Roll With

All Else Failed Good Enough For The Girls We Roll With:

Sounds like Unsane with worse recording quality. Kinda a shame since there are some really cool tracks, but they are marred by tinny vocals and weak drums.

Rating: 9/15 needs some re-mastering.

Grayceon – The Grand Show

Grayceon The Grand Show:

Sounds like Neurosis meets Sleepy Time Gorilla Museum. Great vocal and violin work, the only real flaw is the production. These guys/girl should call Steve Albini.

Rating: 12/15 Angry three part vocal harmonies