Orcustus – Orcustus

Orcustus Orcustus:

Why? Why keep making lame black metal like this? This had done nothing new or good. It just sounds like a mosquito buzzing incessantly while some spastic jerk hits boxes. Please stop.

Rating: 2/15 corpse paint was never, ever cool.

Ribspreader – Opus Ribcage

Ribspreader Opus Ribcage:

Goofy death metal that sounds like outtakes from an early Cannibal Corpse recording session. Also a pointless cover of the Ramones’ “Blitzkrieg Pop” which is neither funny or good.

Rating: 3/15 even Chris Barnes was bored by this

Baroness – Red Album

Baroness Red Album:

Hi, I’m boring! I try to be stoner rock but end up being generic and plodding!

Rating: 7/15 the EPs were better. I’m serious on this!

Brian Eno-Another Day on Earth

Brian Eno Another Day on Earth:

Eno’s voice has aged well, but his new age lyrics, pale in comparison to his 70’s works. Musically pleasant, but in the end fairly boring.

Rating: 8/15 stick to ambient points

De Rosa-Prevention

De Rosa Prevention:

Musically this album is pretty interesting, I would place it halfway between Radiohead and Arcade Fire. The lyrics tend toward the whiney and pessimistic. The singers impression of Thom Yorke is also pretty lame. It might be a solid disk if not for the singer, but as is its a bit of a stinker.

Rating:7/15 terrible impressions of Thom Yorke

Philip Glass-Glass Works

Philip Glass Glass Works:

Two fast pieces with really cool horn parts that change subtly over the course of the piece, combined with four slow songs that basically play the same phrase to death.  I usually just listen to the faster tracks. If I want slow repetitive piano music I’ll take Arvo Part any day over the ones contained on this album.

Rating: 9/15 Boring phrases

Throbbing Gristle-Part Two: Endless Not

Throbbing Gristle Part Two: Endless Not:

Musically passable, dark ambient drifts keyboards drift around while muted percussion and jarring noise break up the monotony. Lyrically, Genesis really misses the mark. These might be his blandest lyrics and worst vocal delivery on an album to date. The tracks s/h e is credited with writing also rank as the worst on the album. Perhaps s/he should focus on Psychic TV as, poppier material seems to be coming easier to he/r these days.

Rating: 9/15 mild irritants of civilization

The Mighty Orq-To the Bone

The Mighty Orq To the Bone:

To my great disappointment  this album isn’t power metal, instead its watered down versions of every style of rock popular in the early nineties. The riffs never have more than two and a half chords, and the singer perfectly fits the role of the deep voiced sleazy singer. Not good enough to compete with Theory of a Dead Man for radio play.

Rating: 4/15 Tears of Eddie Vedder

Lonely Dear-Dear John

Lonely Dear Dear John:

Indie pop heavy on wimpy vocals and outdated synthesizer sounds. Oh! and lets not forget the incredibly cheesy background vocals!

Rating: 6/15 Dear John, please stop making music

Heaven In Her Arms – Duplex-Coated Obstacles

Heaven In Her Arms Duplex-Coated Obstacles:

This is Envy using a different name right? No? Cause it sounds exactly like them. These guys have that whole spoken word into slightly muted screaming while the music does the whole quiet- loud dynamic post-hardcore thing down pat. Boooorrrriinnnggggg.

Rating: 7/15 artsy fartsy song title names