Chris Cornell-Scream

Chris Cornell Scream:

A pleasant enough radio friendly album. The whole album, was produced by Timbaland, who largely sticks to the pop beats that have become his signature. Cornell’s voice is in good shape, and he sounds more enthusiastic here than on much of his work with Audioslave. He plays the role of pop singer surprisingly well, spitting generic pop lyrics with gusto. Anyone looking for any hint of the vitality in Cornell’s albums with Soundgarden, or even Audioslave’s stronger singles will be disappointed. Anyone looking for a radio friendly dance album, whose vocalist happens to be Chris Cornell, will probably be pretty satisfied.

Jandek-Manhattan Tuesday

Jandek Manhattan Tuesday:

Acoustic bass and drums mix with electric guitar, synthesizer, and Jandek’s unique droning voice to shape an intriguing listen. The music flows along with a jazzy- ambiance, remaining laid back and hypnotic while incorporating a healthy amount of dissonance. Jandek’s voice becomes the focus for extended intervals, the band quiets down, providing a low ambient hum to compliment his poetry. The tracks flow together, making one large piece that shouldn’t be broken up. This is an album you need to listen to beginning to end in order to fully appreciate. Amazing stuff.

John Fahey-Red Cross

John Fahey Red Cross:

During the nineties Fahey released a lot of sound collages and intentionally abrasive guitar music. All of that material sucks, its a sound sculpture of a bitter old alcoholic. This album is an attempt to incorporate some of the ground explored in those albums, i.e. effects pedals, with Fahey’s older material. Other than an ill-fated attempt at a drone piece, the tracks feature Fahey alone on an effected guitar. Although kind of cool in certain parts, the tracks sound in general sound like Fahey trying out pedals at a guitar store. They don’t feel composed or structured at all. Though this isn’t a bad disk, its disappointing that this is his final statement as an artist.

Fantomas-Delirium Cordia

Fantomas Delirium Cordia:

Dark ambient music, filled with drills moans and other assorted vaguely medical sounds. Really good reading music which would also function as an excellent soundtrack. An interesting disk to listen to intently once in awhile.

Rating: 12/15 creepy sounds

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