Isis – Wavering Radiant

Isis Wavering Radiant:

One could not be faulted for thinking of this disc as In The Absence of Truth part 2. That’s not a bad thing either. Rather it seems like the musical ideas that Isis developed on In The Absence have been better realized and executed on this disc. There are still heavy parts with the expected thundering growls, but these are tempered with atmospheric passages and singing. Aaron Turner may not be the best singer ever, but he uses his voice well and it compliments the music. One of the best aspects of the new album is the expanded presence of the keyboards. In previous releases the keyboards seemed to be regulated far back in the mix, but here they are up front like they are live. They even seem to be used as a third guitar. Also Adam Jones stops by on two tracks, which is pretty cool. Over all, an awesome, interesting album worth the purchase.

Crom – Hot Sumerian Nights

Crom Hot Sumerian Nights:

If Manowar ever played Power violence fused with sludge and added Connan samples, then this would be the album they would write.

Rating: 13/15 oiled, muscular dudes

Old Man Gloom – Seminar II: The Holy Rites of Primitivism Regression

Old Man Gloom Seminar II: The Holy Rites of Primitivism Regression:

So heavy, loud, and crushing that it causes thunderstorms when listened to.

Rating: 14/15 cyclopes made of pure feedback