Harmonic 313-When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence

Harmonic 313 When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence:

An album of synthesizer heavy beats and cool guest singers and MCs. Musically similar to El-P, but less jarring, and more prone to epic synth washes. The guest vocals range from vocoder drenched rants about a dystopian future to MC brag tracks. The balance between instrumentals and vocal tracks is pretty much perfect, giving listeners about as much as they want of either. Though not explicit throughout the entirety of the album the theme of machines conquering mankind is expressed throughout by the foreboding synthesizer sounds, and general fear and tension expressed through the beats. A really cool disk filled with good beats and cool vocals.

Rating: 13/15 cyborgs

TV on The Radio-Dear Science

TV on The Radio Dear Science

A well balanced album. TV on The Radio take funk, rock, hip-hop, punk, and even a little shoe-gaze, and make it all their own. Lyrically solid, but the vocal delivery and their seemingly endless supply of cool instrument sounds and production make this disk as kick-ass as it is.

Rating: 14/15 Golden Ages

Paul Weller-At The BBC

Paul Weller At The BBC:

A good mix of Weller’s three-chord take on soul music, and acoustic tunes. Spanning 4 CD’s one gets a feel for all of Weller’s lyrical capabilities, which are considerable, and his knack for crafting simple tunes. Weller has the fortune of having a great backing band, that completely understand the mood of each tune. Weller has aged more gracefully than most and gone through several distinct creative periods, many of which are represented here. A solid release.

Rating: 13/15 Jams

Terry Riley-Requiem for Adam

Terry Riley Requiem for Adam:

A piece performed largely by the Kronos Quartet. It features beautiful melodies and intelligently juxtaposed odd meters. Riley also lends some beautiful piano work. Overall mournful yet optimistic in mood, the only downside to this disk is the second movement where Riley uses samples of bells and metal percussion to create a big clanking mess, that sounds more than a little dated.

Rating: 13/15

Animal Collective-Merriweather Post Pavilion

Animal Collective Merriweather Post Pavilion:

Interesting mix of synth-pop and experimental elements. Multi part vocal harmonies emerge from dense arpeggiated synthesizer clusters. The lyrics are cool and clearly audible, and delivered with passion. Bringing out their pop side has worked wonders for this band.

Rating: 14/15 creepy masks

Ravi Coltrane-Bending Times

Ravi Coltrane Bending Times:

A good balance of funk, balladry, and near atonal bop weirdness. Coltrane glides through all easily. Coltrane and his band both have impeccable timing. Sometimes a duo will play for several minutes before the rest of the band joins in at just the right spot. A really great disk.

Rating: 13/15 Living up to legacies

Enrico Rava-New York Days

Enrico Rava New York Days:

Down tempo atmospheric jazz. Enough dissonance, is used to keep your interest, but this record never gets too far out their. Great musicianship overall, but particular attention has to be payed to Rava ,who steals the show with his cool smooth trumpet playing.

Rating: 12/15 chill tracks

Radiohead-In Rainbows

Radiohead In Rainbows:

Musically, a good balance between pop hooks and electronic hiccups and bleeps. Lyrically one of Yorke’s best efforts. Not the most important or challenging release in Radiohead’s catalog, but easily the most listenable.

Rating: 14/15 Keeping your band relevant points

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