The Appleseed Cast-Sagarmatha

The Appleseed Cast Sagarmatha:

These guys are as poppy as you can get and still be considered post-rock. Theres tons of chiming guitars and loud quiet loud dynamics. They would be a pleasant enough, if unexceptional Explosions in The Sky rip-off if it weren’t for the vocals. The singers vocals and lyrics would be mediocre but bearable if they were clean. Unfortunately the vocals are layered with tons of crappy effects, and completely kill every track they appear on. These guys need to lose the vocal effects and update their musical style if they want to stay relevant for much longer.

Rating: 8/15 delay pedals

Brian Eno-Another Day on Earth

Brian Eno Another Day on Earth:

Eno’s voice has aged well, but his new age lyrics, pale in comparison to his 70’s works. Musically pleasant, but in the end fairly boring.

Rating: 8/15 stick to ambient points

Green River Ordinance-Out of My Hands

Green River Ordinance Out of My Hands:

The offspring of Matchbox 20 and Three Doors down. Not a terrible listen, but absolutely nothing interesting or unique happens on this album.

Rating: 8/15 stylish outfits


Meercaz Meercaz:

Lo-fi Iggy Pop wannabe. Sloppy fuzzed out riffs and incomprehensible, yelps pepper this release. Little attention is paid to song structure or dynamics. Theres enough bands that do this shtick and do it way better to warrant spending money on this album

Rating: 8/15 Lame afros

Vetiver-Tight Knit

Vetiver Tight Knit:

Pleasant indie pop with lush arrangement s and hushed vocals. Not bad, so much as it is uneventful. Throw in some dynamics and this could have been a solid disk.

Rating: 8/15 snooze points

Black Flag-The Process of Weeding Out

Black Flag The Process of Weeding Out:

An instrumental album which fits somewhere between noise rock and jazz. Some parts are interesting but Greg Ginn proves to be somewhat of a one-trick pony as far as guitar solos go.

Rating: 8/15 ill-fated attempts

Swervedriver-Mezcal Head

Swervedriver Mezcal Head:

Grungy  Shoe-gaze.  A solid if non-exceptional disk, they could stand to lay off the wah pedal and sing in key.

Rating: 8/15 White-boy dreds