Morbo Y Mambo-Das Papier

Geezer Butler Bass lines, Melt Banana vocals, and echo drenched trumpet. You aren’t high, you are listening to Morbo & Mambo. Argentina’s weirdest sons & daughters can groove as well as they can screech. The tight-as-fuck rhythm section is the perfect foil for the possessed rantings of Noelia Pollini and the noir trumpet riffing of Fermín Echeveste. Synth bubbles highlight beautiful atmospheres and hard rock breakdowns tear latin reggae sections apart. Holy fuck, that all happens in three tracks.

Baroness – Red Album

Baroness Red Album:

Hi, I’m boring! I try to be stoner rock but end up being generic and plodding!

Rating: 7/15 the EPs were better. I’m serious on this!