Cecil Taylor-The Dance Project

Cecil Taylor The Dance Project:

Though his technical prowess has diminished slightly due to his age, Taylor’s feel has only gotten better. He can tickle the keys and he can beat them like a hammer, and he knows exactly when to do each.

Rating: 14/15 continued artistic growth points

Lafayette Gilchrist-Soul Progressin’

Lafeyette Gilchrist Soul Progressin’:

An odd mix of soul music and experimental jazz, that doesn’t quite work. There are some interesting moments, but overall the album tends to lag and wallow in overly dissonant themes

Rating: 10/15 Not sure what you’re going for points

Grachan Moncur III-Some Other Stuff

Grachan Moncur III Some Other Stuff:

Experimental jazz, as haunting as it is daring. Wayne Shorter performs some amazing solos, as does Moncur. Overall an interesting listen, that is somewhat difficult to get into, but a rewarding listen once you get used to it.

Rating: 12/15 Avant trombones

Grant Green-Street of Dreams

Grant Green Street of Dreams:

A mellow session from four jazz greats. A little snooze inducing at times, best for background music or to have on while relaxing.

Rating: 12/15 smooth trade offs

Matthew Ship-Harmonic Disorder

Matthew Ship Harmonic Disorder:

Monkish piano interplays beautifully with a very talented rhythm section. The faster Bop workouts are strong, but are still Bop workouts. The true strength of this album resides in the slower spacious tunes where the harmonic interplay and push and pull between the trio members creates a unique tension.

Rating: 12/15 should of stuck to the cool stuff

Ravi Coltrane-Bending Times

Ravi Coltrane Bending Times:

A good balance of funk, balladry, and near atonal bop weirdness. Coltrane glides through all easily. Coltrane and his band both have impeccable timing. Sometimes a duo will play for several minutes before the rest of the band joins in at just the right spot. A really great disk.

Rating: 13/15 Living up to legacies

Enrico Rava-New York Days

Enrico Rava New York Days:

Down tempo atmospheric jazz. Enough dissonance, is used to keep your interest, but this record never gets too far out their. Great musicianship overall, but particular attention has to be payed to Rava ,who steals the show with his cool smooth trumpet playing.

Rating: 12/15 chill tracks

Sonny Sharrock-Ask The Ages

Sonny Sharrock Ask The Ages:

Strong solos from one of the noisiest and most intense jazz guitarists to ever live, covers up his fairly bland overly repetitive compositions with said inspired soloing.

Rating: 11/15 loop de loops