Matt Stevens-Relic

Matt Stevens succeeds where most guitar-centric and Post-rock albums falter. Catchy but innovative. Complex but fluid. This wonderful album never devolves into typical guitar wankery or Post-rock meandering. Fans of genuine artistic expression of all varieties will find something truly rare and valuable in this album. Stevens is among the most interesting and tasteful musicians I have come across. Let this music inspire you.

John Fahey-Red Cross

John Fahey Red Cross:

During the nineties Fahey released a lot of sound collages and intentionally abrasive guitar music. All of that material sucks, its a sound sculpture of a bitter old alcoholic. This album is an attempt to incorporate some of the ground explored in those albums, i.e. effects pedals, with Fahey’s older material. Other than an ill-fated attempt at a drone piece, the tracks feature Fahey alone on an effected guitar. Although kind of cool in certain parts, the tracks sound in general sound like Fahey trying out pedals at a guitar store. They don’t feel composed or structured at all. Though this isn’t a bad disk, its disappointing that this is his final statement as an artist.

Kaylan and Sambodhi Prem-Cello Cirlces

Kaylan and Sambodhi Prem Cello Cirlces:

Cellos, guitars, keyboards, and various wind instruments drift through these pieces, an album consisting of two musicians taking on various forms of world music. Its a pleasant listen, and these two guys obviously know their stuff. It leans a bit too close to New Age music for my liking, and its unfortunate that some of keyboard lines couldn’t have been played by different instruments. It isn’t without its flaws, but overall this a solid release. Worth picking up for fans of various world music’s and those who want something mellow to relax to.

Rating: 11/15 cellos

Loren Connors and Jim O’Rourke-Two Nice Catholic Boys

Loren Connors and Jim O’Rourke Two Nice Catholic Boys

Two guitars make love, through everything from fuzzed out noise to drifting ambiance. Once in a while things get a little boring in the slower sections, but overall a fascinating display of two versatile guitarist at the top of their game.

Rating: 13/15 please collaborate again points

Tom Verlaine-Warm and Cool

Tom Verlaine Warm and Cool:

Solo guitar performances written and recorded in the early hours of the morning. Does a great job of capturing the mood of 3 am, but it does meander in some sections. At the very least its good background music.

Rating: 11/15 Warm tones

God is an Astronaut-All is Violent all is Bright

God is an Astronaut All is Violent All is Bright:

Melodic instrumental post-rock, which sounds ready-made for movie soundtracks. A good listen, with some twists and turns with musical dynamics and mood shifts. Better than Explosions in The Sky.

Rating: 12/15 Better than Explosions in The Sky points

Steve Vai-Passion and Warfare

Steve Vai Passion and Warfare:

Some cool soloing, but everything else is fairly boring. Vai in a band, with Zappa for instance,  is great, but this like most of his solo work is big on technicality, but small on taste. Still worth the purchase, double so if you’re an aspiring guitarist.

Rating: 9/15 goofy song names