(hed) P.E. – New World Orphans

(hed) P.E. New World Orphans:

Here let me just sum up the twenty tracks on this album: Bitches ain’t shit, fuck, suck mah dick, fuck da rich, NEWWORLDORDERNEWWORLDORDER, repeat. Somehow this band has managed to escape the gaping maw of obscurity and continue to create music so dumb even dudes with popped collars find it ignorant.

Rating: -1/15 pot fueled conspiracy theories

The Lonely Island – Incredibad

The Lonely Island Incredibad:

Comedy music albums tend to suck. This album manages to suck ten fold because not only is it a comedy music album, its an SNL comedy rap album. So that means about three fourths of this is just completely unfunny. The few songs that have a trace of humor in them are unfunny due to being over played or one note joke. Really wasn’t “Dick In A Box” just lame the second time around? The only song worth listening to at all is “I’m On A Boat” and that’s because we get to hear T-Pain croon about copulating with a mermaid.

Rating: 1/15 Lame attempts at humor from a moldy show that should have been canceled in 2000

The Dirty Projectors – Rise Above

The Dirty Projectors Rise Above:

Congrats! You’ve made the indie version of Pat Boone’s “In A Metal Mood.” You’re neither funny nor ironic.

Rating: -1/15 Henry Rollins giving you a well deserved uppercut